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Learning Blade for Computer Science Education Week

Teaching Coding Skills? Also Include Computer Science Careers!

Learning Blade's Intro to Computer Science unit shows students the careers and technologies that use coding skills. Including these in your Computer Science Education Week helps a broader range of students to envision themselves in these careers in the future!

To participate in the Hour of Learning Blade, either:

Hour of Learning Blade is supported by the Arkansas Dept. of Education, STEMx, Tata Consultancy Services, STEMconnector®, Million Women Mentors®, Arkansas Public School Resource Center, Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, Idaho STEM Action Center, National Rural Education Association, Ohio Rural Schools, Partners in Education at Berea College, Florida's STEM2Hub, Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Coalition, and the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative.

Please register by letting us know the name of your school here!

Tweet with the tag #CScareerawareness - the best tweet and most usage will receive 3D Printers!