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Student Privacy Policy

Student Data Privacy and Compliance

At Learning Blade, we believe trust is a critical element of providing a blended learning environment for schools to safely educate all students.  As such, we:
• Do not require personally identifiable information (at the option of the school), and
• Do not sell or share student information for other purposes.

The Data We Collect

The only data required to register a student in our system is a first name, last name, username and password. At the option of the school, these may be anonymous. These items are entered or provided by the school staff, or by students if allowed by a teacher, and are never gathered by Learning Blade staff or entered by Learning Blade staff except at the express request of school staff.

The Learning Blade system has the ability to store data on grade, sex, and race, however these are only entered by school staff or the student themselves and are not required or requested by Learning Blade.

The Learning Blade system keeps data on student answers to individual questions answered in Learning Blade, scores for lessons, and time spent in lessons.

How Data is Stored

Learning Blade data is maintained in a private cloud network in a secure hosting facility. Our private network is protected by our own private hardware firewall and VPN.

Access to Student Data

Access to Learning Blade is provided through schools or other organizations for educational purposes only, and who authorize us to collect the information described above. Only the teacher and administrator accounts for the individual school, school district or organization have access to the individually identifiable student data of their participants. We also provide access to student data only to our employees and certain trusted service providers who have a legitimate need to access such information in connection with providing the Learning Blade service.

Learning Blade and Thinking Media does not sell, distribute or publish personally identifiable student data, or use it for any purpose other than providing the reports to authorized teachers and other school staff or representatives designated by the school.

We may use data that has been aggregated or otherwise de-identified for the purposes of operating, analyzing, improving or marketing our services.

Right to Removal of Data

Schools and/or parents may request that we delete student data, which we will comply with in commercially reasonable time not to exceed ten days.

Teacher and administrator accounts on our site may delete their student data at any time.

Security and Notifications

We strive to maintain strict control over all identifiable student data and maintain physical and administrative safeguards to protect this data. However, if any disclosure of this data to an unauthorized party occurs, we will notify the effected schools and use reasonable efforts to investigate the incident and cooperate with the effected schools.


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